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This book provides a needed bridge to the gap between a playful bedtime story and the needs and concerns of our coexistence.

It sounds so banal and simple, yet it ranks among the key building blocks for the future potential of our children.

The book is available at your local bookstore or online.

Can You Tell Me A Bedtime Story - Danny Richter

This book offers you sound guidance and inspiration on how to tell familiar stories or create completely freestyle, new stories about the events of the day, every evening. In the process, you are encouraged to respond directly to the individual preferences of your children. So special, and selected in ways no one else can – only you!


This book is full of examples for approaches and stories in everyday situations and the hard-knock reality between parents and children.

Some voices and feedback to the manuscript:

  • "Exactly what we were looking for"

  • "What a great idea!"

  • "...and it's so easy to apply - even for me"

  • "So great the way you always give a personal and private insight for a better understanding!"

  • "Easy to understand, funny...I started the same night I started reading the book!""

  • "Insgesamt finde ich Ihr Manuskript sehr schön. Als meine Kinder noch in dem Alter waren, hätte es mir viele zusätzliche Anregungen gegeben für ein schönes Abendritual."

    Die Lektorin
  • "Everybody loves a good and personal bedtime story! Thank you!"

    The realization of this book was made possible through a scholarship of the Ministry for Culture and Science for the region NRW Germany. Special thanks to all people involved.